Intelligent Assistant

Last month Apple purchased a company (Emotient) that utilize AI to ¬†analysis facial expressions, which shows Apple’s big interest on Artificial Intelligence, even though Apple already get impressive success in AI through Siri. Many big tech companies, like Google, Facebook, are paying more and more attention on AI. Google is trying to organize the world’s […]

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Machine Music

The first time I heard Oxygene was on a set of headphones in 1977. Strange eerie sounds produced by instruments different to than anything I had heard before. At the end of side 1 of the record I realized something unusual. No-one had ever produced music like that before. I was unable to get out […]

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Psychopathy & The Singularity

One percent of the population of the planet will test positive for psychopathy; one out of every hundred. Psychopathy is contained within Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD),with the disorder prevalent in approximately four percent of the general population; one out of every twenty five. Read More