Intelligent Assistant

Last month Apple purchased a company (Emotient) that utilize AI to  analysis facial expressions, which shows Apple’s big interest on Artificial Intelligence, even though Apple already get impressive success in AI through Siri.

Many big tech companies, like Google, Facebook, are paying more and more attention on AI. Google is trying to organize the world’s information and recommend to users based on users’ preference. Also Google wants to make Gmail smart enough to respond users’ email automatically. Facebook intends to make the world more open and connected through AI. By utilizing machine learning Facebook is improving the predictive accuracy of the newsfeed algorithm. Also Mark Zuckerberg wanted to create an intelligent assistant to take care of his baby at home. (Steve Harries, 2016)

There is no doubt that Intelligent Assistant will get more and more popular in the near future. And people will rely on Intelligent Assistant to finish their daily work. Even  some people maybe will fall in love with their intelligent assistants, just like in the movie Her Theodore falls in love with his intelligent system.

But I believe people will find a way to deal with the relationships between human and systems rather than stop developing those systems.



6 thoughts on “Intelligent Assistant

  1. I had never fully grasped how intimate the relationship can be between AI and people. What surprises me more is how credible and achievable it now seems to be, like its just a normal part of life to have an AI assistant who can behave like a friend. Looking forward to the movie.


    1. In the movie the intelligent system acts like a real personal assistant (but not on physical, only through earphone )and has a very comprehensive understanding of Theodore. I am not surprised that we may have our own intelligent assistant like that one day. Cos at present people rely on networks to communicate with each other. All the data can be stored and analysed which promote the creation of intelligent assistant.

      But if one day all the work can be done by systems, people no need to meet each other. It is kind of sad.


  2. When you consider the vast amounts of money being spent on research and development in this area its clear that a number of very large companies are betting this is the future. The examples you used show how even today we are interacting with virtual assistants. However I don’t see myself falling in love with one, then again I haven’t been tempted yet 🙂


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